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Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH在1992年,由Jochen Bihl及Bernhard Wiedemann二人,成立於德國曼海姆,為一高度專業化的工程公司,自1995年開始,即是使用的AS-Interface提供自動化技術中,關於安全技術和電子元件的領先供應商之一。 

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH was founded in 1992 in Mannheim, Germany by Jochen Bihl and Bernhard Wiedemann. The highly specialized engineering firm is among the leading providers of safety technology and electronic components for automation technology using AS-Interface.


在1995年,Bihl+Wiedemann是第一間從AS-International獲得AS-i Master證書的公司。 AS-i Master現在主要作為認證AS-i Slaves的參考。在公司的歷史上其他的里程碑, 包括推出第一個符合規範3.0的AS-i Master認證、第一個推出不銹鋼外殼,並具有擴展診斷功能的AS-i Master (2004),以及AS-Interface的安全協會會員(2005年)。從那時起,Bihl+Wiedemann即是使用的AS-i Safety在安全技術領域的頂級品牌。

Leading with AS-Interface since 1995

In 1995 Bihl+Wiedemann was the first company to receive a certificate from AS-International for their AS-i Master. The Master is now used as a reference for the certification for AS-i slaves. Other milestones in the company's history include the introduction of the first AS-i Master for specification 3.0, the release of the first AS-i Master in a stainless steel housing with expanded diagnostic functions (2004), and the membership in AS-Interface's Safety Consortium (2005). Since then Bihl+Wiedemann is among the top names in the field of safety technology using AS-i Safety at Work.




International offices and distributors

Additionally to the company's headquarters in Mannheim, Bihl+Wiedemann has subsidiaries in Turkey, Denmark, USA, and China. International sales partners ensure Bihl+Wiedemann's presence around the world.



Headquarters in Mannheim  曼海姆的總部


通過Bihl+Wiedemann選擇產品時,你就躋身在眾多知名的工廠,製程和建築自動化用戶之中,亦置身於機械製造和交通運輸(船舶,鐵路,公路)的領域之中。 Bihl+Wiedemann的產品用於在各尺寸,包含傳輸線、高層貨架系統、包裝機器或機械工具機器的安全和非安全應用程序和系統。



By choosing products from Bihl+Wiedemann, you are in the company of many well-known users in factory, process, and building automation, as well as in the fields of machine building and transportation (ship, rail, road. The products from Bihl+Wiedemann are used for safety and non-safety applications in machines and systems of all sizes, including conveyor lines, high-rise racking system, packaging machines or machine tools.


DIN EN ISO9001認證
保證穩定的質量一直是Bihl+Wiedemann至關重要的事情。公司通過了DIN EN ISO9001的認證。

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Assuring consistent quality has always been of utmost importance for Bihl+Wiedemann. The company is DIN EN ISO 9001 certified.

The current certificate can be viewed here (PDF)





Core Expertise

Since 1992, Bihl+Wiedemann is synonymous with outstanding products and services for automation technology.



Success factors

The success of Bihl+Wiedemann is based on


  • Innovative and high-quality products
  • The know-how and expertise of highly educated and experienced specialists
  • Immediate response to inquiries and costumer requests
  • The high flexibility of a lean organization
•Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH的服務範圍包括:
•與AS-Interface和AS-i Safety at Work的應用諮詢
•AS-Interface和AS-I Safety at Work培訓班
•AS-i networks認證
•AS-i networks故障排除
幾乎任何系統的定制開發和生產fieldbus interfaces和組件


Range of services

Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH's portfolio of services include



  • Development and manufacturing of safety-related automation products
  • Development and manufacturing of AS-Interface products based on our own products
  • Applications consulting related to AS-Interface and AS-i Safety at Work
  • Training classes for AS-Interface and AS-i Safety at Work
  • Certification of AS-i networks
  • Troubleshooting of AS-i networks
  • Contract development for costum automation solutions
  • Custom developments and production of fieldbus interfaces and components for virtually any system
Bihl+Wiedemann的產品組合包括用於安全技術問題,採用AS-i Safety at Work的如下解決方案
•安全OEM Slaves



Bihl+Wiedemann's product offerings includes the following solutions for safety technology issues using AS-i Safety at Work



  • Stainless steel Gateways with integrated Safety Monitor for virtually any bus system and Ethernet solution
  • PROFIsafe gateways
  • Safety monitors for any system size
  • Speed monitors
  • IP 20 and IP 67 safety input and output modules
  • Safety OEM slaves
  • Safety contact expanders
  • Control and signal devices
  • Wide range of accessories
•AS-i Master/Gateways/鏈接/連接到任何常用的控制器掃描儀
•AS-i Slaves
–IP67 AS-i的各種尺寸的驅動解決方案
–建築自動化的AS-i Slaves

Bihl+Wiedemann also offers


  • AS-i Masters/Gateways/Links/Scanners connecting to any commonly used controller
  • AS-i Slaves
    • Digital IP20 and IP67 AS-i modules in various housing styles
    • AS-i analog modules in various housing styles (IP20, IP65, IP67) for current, voltage, weight and temperature
    • Circuit board modules / board solutions in various configurations with a variety of interfaces
    • IP20 AS-i modules with stainless steel housing
    • Counter modules
    • IP67 AS-i drive solutions in various sizes
    • Universal IP65 modules
    • Control and Signal devices
    • AS-i slaves for building automation
  • AS-i Tuners, AS-i Repeaters (IP20 and IP65) and Bus Terminations for network extension
  • Configuration and diagnostics tools (hardware and software) for AS-Interface
  • Power supplies
  • Accessories